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System Update  leave comment

Members area receives significant updates, new linking options and account usage details.

Click here to view full update details on the forum.

by admin | Friday 18 May 2007 0:16am | permalink | 0 comments

Public Gallery updated  leave comment

Public Gallery section has been updated, full details are available on the forum.

Click here to view the update details.

by admin | Sunday 1 April 2007 9:09pm | permalink | 0 comments

New Feature - Direct/Hot Link Preservation  leave comment

The system now allows you to delete and re-upload images and keep hot links working.

Click here to view full details regarding this new feature.

by admin | Thursday 15 March 2007 11:02pm | permalink | 0 comments

New Feature - Album Theme Image  leave comment

You now have the ability to set sub album theme images.

Click here to view full details regarding this new feature.

by admin | Wednesday 7 March 2007 10:38pm | permalink | 0 comments

System Update  leave comment

Members area of the system received an update last night, full details are available on the forum.

Click here to view the update details.

by admin | Monday 5 March 2007 6:05pm | permalink | 0 comments

Todays Downtime  leave comment

I'm sorry for the downtime guys, I totally got screwed over by the hosting company who took my server offline for 17 hours today. It was supposed to be down for 20-30 minutes in the morning to replace a failed hard drive but it turned into a 17 hour nightmare. They totally kept me in the dark all this time, I had no idea what was going on.

I will not be renewing hosting with this company, I will be shopping for a more customer friendly provider shortly.

Again, Iím really sorry if the downtime caused problems for anyone.

by admin | Monday 12 February 2007 11:34pm | permalink | 0 comments

Forum Launched!  leave comment

Hello everyone,

I have just launched the myNetImages discussion forum. If you need help, have comments or requests, or just want to chat with other members feel free to post a message or two.

You can access the forum at

You have to register on the forum before you can post messages.

by admin | Sunday 11 February 2007 9:56pm | permalink | 0 comments

New feature: Sort your images!  leave comment

I just set live sub album image sorting feature. As the name implies, it lets you sort images in a sub album based; name, date, file size, width or height in ascending or descending order.

When sorting is applied, both your members area and public gallery will show the images in the set order.

On another note, I fixed a bug which was preventing FireFox users from correctly using the Settings feature which I added couple of weeks ago.

I welcome any feature request and general ideas on how to improve the system. I will be working on setting up forum in the new few days, maybe get a little community going here

by admin | Sunday 4 February 2007 11:47pm | permalink | 0 comments

New feature: Account Settings  leave comment

Just wanted to let everyone to know that yesterday's upgrades went smoothly.

There's now a new section in your account called Settings, the button is in the top right corner of your members account. You can now specify basic upload options, more to come, and change your account password.

Also, fixed is a problem that Linux users reported when using FireFox to upload images. It was popping up a security warning and wouldn't refresh the uploaded content on it's own, all fixed up.

I've noticed that navigating the members section is a little sluggish when using Internet Explorer 6. I'm looking into this issue and hope to have a solution shortly. For best experience I would recommend using FireFox as it's much faster than Internet Explorer when browsing your members account.

by admin | Sunday 21 January 2007 9:03pm | permalink | 0 comments

Quick update  leave comment

I haven't posted in a while so to show that I'm still alive here is a quick updated.

I'm putting finishing touches on the Settings section of the members area. This is where all the global account options/settings will reside for future upgrades.

This should be launched within the next week, as time goes on more options will be added to improve the system.

At launch the following settings will be available:

  • the ability to change your account password
  • set default image upload resize, all your uploaded images will be resized to this setting if possible
  • option to convert PNG to JPEGs, a lot of people are uploading PNG images that really should be JPEG so that's the reason for this option, it will be ON by default

I also plan on adding a message board to the site, where users can help each other, submit suggestions and comments as to what features they want.

Also, I'll be doing some server upgrades so there might be some minor down time.

by admin | Tuesday 16 January 2007 4:29pm | permalink | 0 comments

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