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Account Features

The following list of features will change as the system is being developed. It may not always be up to date, check our Dev Blog for the most current information.

Suported Image Formats

jpeg, jpg, gif, png

These are the most popular image formats, more will be added as the need arises.

Maximum Image Size

512 kB

During the upload process all images are optimized for web viewing. Also, depending on the resolution, multiple versions are created for low-res and hi-res viewing.

Available Storage

999 MB

Enough to store few thousand photos, with options to upgrade in the future.

General System Features

  • Fast easy to use Account Manager desktop like interface.
  • Multiple account view options eg. Thumbnail, List and Links allows you to quickly find what you want.
  • Upload single images or use our Flash based, one click, multi-image uploader all from the comforts of your account. No additional software required.
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